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The residential and extended day provision works in conjunction with and supports the school in enabling our pupils to achieve academically with the best possible outcomes.

The residential as an intervention plays a central role in developing our pupils' confidence, self-esteem and self worth through a holistic and structured programme of activities, positive adult role modelling and new experiences. It also promotes the importance of respect and enables young people to develop their social, interpersonal, independence and life skills.

The residential experience aims to broaden the recreational, cultural, social, spiritual and moral experiences of those engaging in the residential provision and enable them to gain in emotional security and social competence by being part of a thriving community.

The Extended Day and Residential Provision:
Pupils who board and those engaging in the extended day have the opportunity to participate in the organised activities on offer in the evening.

At Langham Oaks School, we know that learning not only takes place within the classroom but outside of the classroom as well. The school operates an extended day so pupils can take part in a wide range of extra-curricular activities. These include sporting, social, leisure and creative activities designed to assist students to develop and challenge themselves in a supportive and safe environment.

Pupils participating in the extended day have full access to the resources of Langham Oaks School including a fully equipped indoor sports hall, outdoor hard court, ICT Suite, Art room, pool, and table tennis. They also have access to the facilities in the residential including games consoles, pool, darts and board games. As part of the activities programme pupils have the opportunity to participate in off-site activities such as swimming, mountain biking, kayaking, wood trips, running club and various other off-site leisure pursuits. Therapeutic activities are also offered including Gong bath and Lego creative play.

Langham Oaks School has a 9-seated people carrier and a car so that leisure facilities in the community can be accessed. Termly checks are made regarding staff driving licence details and insurance. Where the need arises, Staff are asked to use their own vehicles pending them having relevant business insurance.

As with educational visits no charge is made for meals and the range of activities students are involved in out of school hours.

Arrangements for the Residential Provision:
The boarding provision is an entirely voluntary decision taken by the young person and his family / carers. There must be an agreement that the young person keeps himself and others safe while boarding and that the boarding aids his ability to engage with learning throughout the school day.

All young people are offered up to four nights within the residential provision with the expectation that they engage and participate in the residential program and community.

Prior to taking up a boarding placement young people are encouraged to participate in the extended day programme enabling them to experience the after-school activities.

All new pupils to the boarding will go through an induction process. Prior to the commencement of their boarding placement a home visit will be offered. This is an opportunity for parents/carers to meet their child’s TAG worker and T. Fowler a member of the residential team and share information regarding their child. They will be also be provided with a welcome pack.

The Residential Boarding Accommodation:
Langham Oaks offers Residential accommodation for up to 33 boys Monday to Thursday, term time only. Boarding is optional and we work on a flexible individual basis with each young person and their family / carer regarding the number of nights they wish to board.

The residential is split into two Houses which are named by the boys. Heroes are situated on the first floor of the main building. This accommodates the year 6, 7 and 8 boys. Bugatti House is situated on the second floor and primarily accommodates year 9, 10 and 11 boys.

Each House has a designated team from the Residential who work closely with the young people in their care. The school also employs a Residential House Keeper with Residential Care duties who works with the Residential team to ensure that both Houses are:

  • Clean and tidy
  • Well maintained
  • Appropriately lit, heated and ventilated
  • Suitably furnished
  • Adheres to all Health and Safety and Welfare standards

There is a mixture of different sized rooms in the residential ranging from two one bed bedrooms to two four bed bedrooms and four five bed bedrooms. Careful consideration is always made with regards to who shares a room. Occasionally changes are made due to group dynamics and individual relationships. This is always done in consultation with those individuals involved. The young people are encouraged to personalise their bed spaces. Each young person can have a locker for their personal items and they all have a wardrobe and bedside table. Even though it is an old building, the accommodation is of a very high standard; comfortable, homely and clean. With skilled staff supervision and support the residential provides a safe, structured and nurturing environment for young people to live together and with adults.

As well as the bedrooms, each House has two separate lounges of which two are equipped with a television and music centre and games console. There is a Pool/Air Hockey table situated on Heroes Houses. Each House has a dining area, a kitchen, its own bathroom, showers and toilet facilities easily accessible by all residents. Bugatti house also has its own washing machine and tumble dryer which the young people use as part of their daily independent living skills.

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