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School vision

Langham Oaks School vision extends from the vision of the SEAX Trust, whose vision is:

to provide outstanding educational experiences for children and young people with special educational needs;
to put the well being and achievement of pupils at the heart of all decision making.

At Langham Oaks, we have high expectations for all, ensuring uncompromising aspirations for every individual. Our School will be an exceptional and inspirational community to lifetime learning, across all aspects of learning – formal and informal – and across 24 hours.

The School has three predominant objects for its learners:

  • to meeting every child’s individual holistic needs
  • to optimise children’s potential outcomes
  • to prepare for the future by becoming active members of their local community

We achieve this through:

  • High quality teaching and learning
  • Nurture and support for all
  • Inspirational leadership at all levels
  • Consistently high expectations for every pupil
  • A safe and secure environment in which to work and learn
  • Consistently promoting resilience in all areas of the school
  • Developing positive working relationships
  • Promoting transition opportunities
  • Creative, exciting and memorable experiences inside and outside the classroom

We are proud to be part of Langham Oaks School

Safe, Secure, Successful, Belonging

A Seax Logo Academy