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Summer School 2021

Summer School

16th August to 22nd August 2021


Langham Oaks held summer school for the year 6 pupils from the 16th August to 22nd August 2021 from 10am to 2 pm everyday.

A full and varied programme was put in place for the boys to help them transition from year 6 into year 7.


Activities included:

  • Sporting activities (trampolining, tennis, football and team games)
  • Scavenger Hunt (team building)
  • Shopping for cooking ingredients
  • Identifying ingredients needed and managing within a budget
  • Cooking, food preparation and serving of food
  • BBQ for parents on the final day
  • Arts and crafts
  • Minecraft Education


Developing key skills during the week was a key component of the boys learning.  Skills developed included:

  • Relationship building
  • Managing money
  • Working together
  • Taking responsibility


Maths and English development were a key part of the curriculum that we delivered during the week but achieved in a hidden way.

The boys learnt in a fun and safe environment.


Staff involved:

  • Deputy Headteacher
  • Teaching Staff
  • Learning Support Assistants
  • Support Staff (including Site Manager)


Positive feedback was received from:-

  • Pupils
  • Parents
  • Staff


Photographs of the activities that boys took part in will be uploaded to the website shortly.

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