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The School Day

Pupils attend Langham Oaks School from 08.45am until 15.15, Monday to Thursday and until 13.00 each Friday. All pupils have access to a breakfast served by the school each morning. There is no charge for this.

The curriculum throughout the school is very similar to that of mainstream schools and all pupils are expected to follow the whole National Curriculum. In order to meet individual pupil needs a number of pupils opt to follow or complement their studies with those which have a practical or vocational basis. The expectation is that the pupils achieve a range of GCSE’s or equivalent.

Pupils attend tutorials each morning and after lunch. There are 6 lessons every day except Friday.

On Friday pupils finish school at 13:00.

Assemblies take place on a Monday and Wednesday morning. Each Friday morning there is a positive assembly where pupils are awarded certificates for Worker of the Week, Form of the Week and Boarder of the Week.

A 15-minute morning break and a 45-minute lunch break allow pupils to enjoy lunch, relax, and participate in some of the leisure pursuits the school organises.

The current length of the school week is 30hrs:15mins

Safe, Secure, Successful, Belonging

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