23-03-21 Letter to Parents/Carers from Ruth Sturdy CEO, SEAX Trust

23 March 2021

Dear Parents/ Carers                                                                                                   22nd March 2021


We come to the end of the term and a year which must be the most unsettling and challenging of any in my thirty five years of being involved in education. You have been magnificent throughout, coping with regularly changing arrangements as the pandemic took hood. You have home educated while holding down jobs, coping with family issues and your own personal challenges and you have done it well. Thank you so much!


Your children have also been fantastic and it has been a genuine privilege to hear about their successes and to witness their joy as they are reunited with friends and staff. To hear laughter, singing and conversations outside my office window again has been a lovely reminder, if I needed one, of what I do this work for. I know there is much talk about lost learning at the moment, but I would say that what our young people have definitely not lost is the ability to be kind and caring friends and great company! I am aware that many are finding the return to school tiring and so the next two weeks break will come as a relief before the return for what will hopefully be a full and exciting summer term.


You will be aware that the government has announced that all pupils including those who are extremely clinically vulnerable should return to school after Easter. If your child is in this category, please talk to your child’s school about arrangements.


Please ensure that if you are testing at home that you test this week on Thursday or Friday morning. We want all our school staff to have a holiday and if you do this it will cut the risk of needing to contact anyone over the Easter break to tell them to self- isolate.


We want our schools to remain safe and all our community to be healthy on out return for the summer term.  We would therefore ask you to continue to test for Covid over the holiday period. This is particularly important so that we can be assured that as far as possible no-one returns to school after the holidays unless they have tested negative on a lateral flow test. I know that for some of our young people the testing regime is distressing and we respect this. But if you are testing at home, please continue and ensure that you test on Sunday 11th April or the morning of Monday 12th of April to avoid anyone returning to school with asymptomatic Covid -19.


Thank you again for everything you have done so far. We are very lucky to have you as such wonderful members of our community. I look forward to having the opportunity to meet at least some of you in the future- as soon as we can have events in our schools again


Best Wishes


Ruth Sturdy



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