4/3/21 Letter to Parents & Carers from Ruth Sturdy CEO SEAX Trust

04 March 2021

Dear Parents/ Carers,


I am sure you are aware of the announcement last month that from Monday 8th March all young people, with the exception of those who are extremely clinically vulnerable and have received a shielding letter, will be back in school. We have been waiting for this moment from the start of the last lockdown and I hope that if your children have not been in school that they are excited about the prospect of being back. We certainly look forward to seeing all of them again. I want to give you some information which you will need to know prior to Monday which I hope you will find reassuring and helpful. 


1. Mask Wearing in School 

The advice provided by the government is that young people and staff should wear facemasks in enclosed spaces where social distancing cannot be ensured. This means that we strongly encourage our young people and staff to wear masks in classrooms and in corridors as they move around the school. I am hoping that for many of your children the wearing of a mask has become something they are very used to doing now. However, we know that for some it is not appropriate and in those cases, we will not expect them to wear a mask. As we have been throughout the pandemic, we will take a sensible common – sense approach to this. Please provide masks for your child if they are going to be wearing one. 


2. Handwashing and hygiene 

We will continue to encourage regular handwashing and the use of hand sanitisers in school.  Our young people have been great at doing this. We will keep reminding them and checking that this is being done regularly.  


3. Ventilation 

There is much evidence that well ventilated rooms help prevent the spread of the virus. We will continue to ensure that all classrooms and other areas where it is possible will be well ventilated. We hope that an improvement in the weather will help us with this, but nevertheless whatever the weather we will continue to keep windows open in classrooms. 

4. Social Distancing 

 We will encourage our young people to remember social distancing rules, but we do know that for some this is difficult and for our younger pupils it is extremely difficult. We do understand this and will work with young people to remind them about this rule and encourage them to remember to follow it in the classroom and in corridors as they move around the school.  



5. Lateral Flow Testing 

 We received guidance on lateral flow testing for our young people yesterday.  I must make it clear that testing is voluntary, and it is not a requirement before a child is allowed to come to school.  

We believe that our young people would benefit from this being done at home with you, with your support.  

There may be some parents/carers who find this difficult, please don’t worry we will support you. If you have any questions or concerns about testing please contact the school. 

We will be sending detailed information about testing out to you next week. When the testing and information packs arrive, we will contact you and explain the process. In the meantime, please don’t worry about it. Also, remember it is optional and not compulsory. 


Finally, as much as we hope things return to as normal as they can be, please be aware that any outbreak of Covid 19 in a school will still result in some young people and staff having to self- isolate. We will continue to inform you if this becomes necessary as we have throughout  


Thank you again for your support and patience through this very difficult time. I hope that we can now begin to return to focussing on what matters most to all of us which is ensuring that your child has an excellent education and every opportunity to be prepared for a great life after education. 


Best wishes,  



Ruth Sturdy 

CEO, SEAX Trust 


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