Arrangements for partial closure of the school (29/11/2020)

29 November 2020

Arrangements for partial closure of the school (29/11/2020)


Sunday 29th November

Dear Parents and Carers                                       


Re: Arrangements for partial closure of the school

I would like to thank you again for your patience and understanding at this difficult time. All the parents and carers we have spoken to over the last 24 hours have been very supportive, which makes things so much easier for us in our efforts to support you and respond to the challenges we face. I know you all share our frustrations, as the move to the new school site has been so positive, and the boys’ behaviour and engagement in learning since half term has been superb.


Unfortunately, the track and trace recommendations have forced two thirds of our teaching staff to self-isolate, so the on-site learning offer will be significantly reduced until further notice (see details below).


Key dates and timescales

Those pupils and staff that have been asked to self-isolate should complete their isolation on 9th December and will then return to normal on the 10th, unless they develop symptoms during the 14-day period. In this case, they should follow the guidance provided by Public Health England and inform the school of their situation.

Can I remind you, that members of your household do NOT need to isolate unless they develop symptoms.

We will keep you informed of the full re-opening of the school prior to the 9th December once we are sure it is safe to return all the boys and staff to normal on-site learning.


Partial Closure

We intend to open the school on Monday (30th November) for pupils in Year 11, 10 and 6 who have NOT been asked directly to self-isolate. The on-site offer will look quite different to the normal timetable and details can be found on the front page of the school website or the link below. This will be a healthy and motivating blend of subject areas and activities even though we cannot offer the full range of lessons.



On-line Learning

For those pupils who are being asked to stay at home we have created a number of online opportunities designed to match the teaching they would have received whilst in school.  

You will be able to find all of our online teaching resources on our school website. If you click into the green “online learning resources” tab, you will be transported to our online learning zone where the following activities become instantly available. 

Mathletics: An online learning mathematics programme linked directly to our school curriculum. Click the title to be taken to the login page. 

Evidence for Learning: All parents and carers have been sent a link to join Evidence for Learning. Once logged on you can access a number of online learning tasks through the activities tab. If you cannot find the email link sent from Evidence for Learning, please contact Mr Logan at school who will send you a new link. 

Well-Being Bulletin: The Well-Being Bulletin was a huge success during the first lockdown. If you click on the title, you will gain access to all of the bulletins which are loaded full of exciting projects, tasks, games and challenges. 

SEAX Online Learning Zone: Here you will find lots of different activities which have been hand-picked by the teachers in school for each subject. All of the activities are directly linked to the current curriculum. 

These are just a few of the learning opportunities available to pupils over the next few weeks, check out the website for our full package.  



Any boys who are on an outreach programme will continue as normal as they have been working outside of school.


Free School Meals

For those pupils who have been asked to self-isolate and are entitled to FSM the school will provide vouchers that will be sent out to you. Further guidance will be sent out on Monday, so please don’t worry. We will be issuing FSM vouchers, at our own cost, for families of pupils entitled to FSM, choosing to self-isolate.  We understand the levels of anxiety and vulnerabilities in our families and don’t want to penalise you for this.


Further developments

I am conscious that there may be other changes in the coming weeks to the programmes on offer to the boys, and we will continue to work hard to ensure they get the best we can provide.

Please keep an eye on the website and encourage the boys to engage in the on-line learning as best you can. We all know how difficult it is, so be kind to yourselves and don’t push them too hard. I am also mindful of the anxieties that the current pandemic presents to the boys, all of you and my staff. If you have any concerns that we can support you with, please let us know and we will do all we can to help.


Stay well and stay safe.

Simon Dawson


Langham Oaks School


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