Clip n Climb

14 November 2019

Clip n Climb

One afternoon  a fortnight a handpicked group of pupils are taken to Clip n Climb in Ipswich.  This invaluable experience builds resilience, self esteem, risk taking and team work not to mention climbing skills!  It is an overwhelming success and benefits the boys' growth into maturity; a fantastic opportunity which the boys value shown in the quotations below...


"I enjoyed the afternoon because I was there with some of my friends and some climbing walls. My friends encouraged me to do something I have never done. The most surprising thing was the staff who helped me when I was in doubt and needed help. I learnt to socialise with the community surrounding me. I felt like I was having so much fun and I was really appreciative for the trip. I would really like to go again."

Harry G - Year 7


"I enjoyed the afternoon because I like to climb everywhere. The most surprising thing was I could climb to the highest one. I learnt to climb safely. I felt happy and mature".

Kuy P - Year 8


"I enjoyed the afternoon because I learnt new things like how to use the BelayMate.  The most surprising thing was I climbed to the top.  I learnt to get rid of my fear. I felt a sense of achievement".

Blake P - Year 8

Safe, Secure, Successful, Belonging

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