End of Term - Safeguarding Letter

16 July 2020

Dear Parents/Carers


Please accept my apologies for the lack of communication recently. I have attempted not to bombard parents and carers with unnecessary updates at a time when so much of the guidance from central government has been open to interpretation and unclear. We suffer from not only being a special school, but also an SEMH school which makes us different and also brings a host of different issues and problems in a Covid pandemic.




Firstly, I need to confirm with you that the school will close at 5.00 pm on 22nd July. At this point all respite sessions, welfare calls, weekly bulletins will cease. We have thought long and hard about this, but we need to give staff a break over the summer as many of them have been working harder than ever and we anticipate that September/October is going to be a challenging time, which they need to be ready for.




We will be putting a booklet in the post to you that has been put together to help families get through the summer months, so please have a look at it and see what support and opportunities there are out there.


We know that some of our families may have issues that they need support with during the holiday period, so we have a rota of Designated Safeguarding officers on duty throughout the Summer. In the event that you have an emergency and need urgent support there is an e-mail address that will be checked twice a day.




you can ring the following numbers for support on the dates highlighted. You will be able to speak to a senior safeguarding Officer from the school who can help guide and support you.


07552358697          Jerry Seaden                23 July - 31 July

07341 543693             Diane Rigg                    31st July - 7 August

07771 376693             Owen Bryan                 7th - 14th August

07341 543 672            Simon Dawson            14th August - 21th August

07341 543 672            Simon Dawson            21st August - 28th August

07341 543693             Diane Rigg                    28th August - 1 September


PLEASE only ring if it is a serious issue that cannot be addressed in September.


In addition to that I am attaching the contact details of the Essex Child and Family Wellbeing Service hubs which are open for all of the holiday.




Single Point of Contact  telephone numbers below.


Mid Essex Tel: 0300 247 0014

North Essex Tel: 0300 247 0015

South Essex Tel: 0300 247 0013

West Essex Tel: 0300 247 0122


 There is also one other help website  : https://www.essex-gethelp.uk/




To reassure you, we do have a plan for September which is in draft form and needs scrutiny from the Senior Leadership Team and The Trust before I share it with you. As I am sure you can appreciate it is NOT everyone back in September, as some mainstream schools might achieve. We hope to include all boys and give them a recovery curriculum that manages their anxieties and concerns and gently returns them to normal by the beginning of October. Parents or carers that have concerns about this will be able to discuss individual issues with Keyworkers that you know and trust on 3rd September before the Term starts.


A full set of details will be sent to you before the end of term and we hope to have time to discuss the plans with you.




We are planning to have 2 INSET days at the beginning of September so that any changes to our plans that happen over the summer can be managed for the start of term on the 4th September without impacting on the boy’s time in school later in the year.



Wed 2              INSET DAY - Keyworkers will contact all families for updates

Thurs 3            INSET DAY - Staff planning for the new term

Fri  4                Term Starts (Year 6 and 7 Only)




Lastly, I would just like to thank you all for your feedback, tolerance, patience and general resilience as individuals and families in supporting us and your children through one of the most challenging times we have seen in our lifetime in the UK. You have been amazing, thank you.


Best wishes 


Simon Dawson


Langham Oaks School

SEAX Multi-Academy Trust

Telephone: 01206 272571

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