Letters from the SEAX Trust CEO and Essex Local Authority (Re: On-Site Covid-19 Risks)

11 January 2021

11th January 2021


Dear Parents and Carers


Two letters have been sent to you this evening by both the Local Authority and Ruth Sturdy our CEO. As the pandemic continues to take hold in Essex, and the local rates of infection sore parent/carers and even keyworkers and pupils with EHCPs are now being encouraged to keep their children at home as much as possible. The risks are high, and the number of staff affected by the restrictions and infection at Langham is increasing.

The majority of parents are now keeping their child at home, but we still have a number of boys attending the school site. For those on-site, we will be contacting parent/carers in the coming days to discuss your child's existing programme, and we will be looking to reduce the risks on-site for everyone's safety.

Clearly, there will be exceptions for those identified as a priority and Keyworker children will need to be in when parent/carers are in work. I realise this is difficult for everybody and we will do the best we can to support you all as best we can.


Please stay at home, stay well and keep safe.

Kindest regards


Simon Dawson


Langham Oaks School


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