20 March 2020


Dear Parent/Carers

I am writing to update you on our response to the ever- developing situation around education at this challenging time for everybody. You may be aware that the government produced further guidance “Closure of Educational Settings: Information for parents and carers” late last night which can be found by following the link below:

This document includes a further link to the list of “Critical workers” as defined by the government.

I wanted to update you specifically on the work going on across the SEAX Trust in relation to this. We are working hard to keep up with information we are receiving on at least a daily basis and are planning how we will ensure we keep our schools open. Our school leadership teams are second to none and are leading their schools with great passion and commitment and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff at our schools for their dedication and determination in working tirelessly to come up with imaginative plans for this.

We want to work in partnership with you to get arrangements right for your children. For some this will mean agreeing that you keep them your children at home because you feel this is the safest place for them. If you chose to do this, there will be no penalty; work and activities will be provided through a variety of means which your school will communicate in due course. For “Critical workers” we will endeavour to make daily provision. Some of you, who are not key workers, may decide that you will send your child to school and as a Trust we will do our best to accommodate this.

There will be times when we may need to limit the number of young people we can accommodate and we would ask you to bear with us in these circumstances. We will always prioritise the children of Critical workers, as our part in the national effort to keep essential services running. We will aim to contact you well in advance if we need to make these decisions but this may not always be possible.

During this time, school lessons will not run as normal. Staffing will be fluid as some staff are away from work due to illness, self- isolation or social distancing and so activities will be provided for all young people which will be as varied as possible. We know that for some of your children this will be challenging as routines will change. I am very proud to say that our staff know your children very well and will be aware of this but it may cause some difficulties, which they will discuss with you if they arise.

It is likely that school timings may change during this time as we try to ensure schools stay open  which could result in part- time programmes for some young people who are not children of key workers. We will develop our offer over the next week and communicate with you when it is finalised.

Finally, thank you for the support you give to your child’s school, it is appreciated by staff who value working in partnership with you.

Best Wishes


Ruth Sturdy


Safe, Secure, Successful, Belonging

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