23 March 2020

Dear Parents                                      

23rd March 2020


Please be aware that the advice from government is that wherever possible, your children should stay at home and not come to school.

We want all our children and our staff to be safe and well and it is clear that the best way to do this is for you to keep your children with you.

We know that for those of you who are “critical workers” this will not always be possible but for everyone else, please keep your children away.

Your child’s school will give you information about work and activities that they can do with you at home. They will not be missing out on education – schools are not running lessons now, instead they are doing activities to keep the children they are caring for occupied while their parents work in vital services.

Advice from the Government states that the needs of many children and young people with an EHCP can have their needs met at home. We believe that your child fits into this group and so we urge you to ensure that they stay safe. By doing this you are helping each school to stay open in order to ensure that critical workers in the NHS and other services are able to work.

Most Langham Oaks parent/carers were contacted today unless we were unable to contact you. Taxis have been cancelled for tomorrow, but please contact us if we have not spoken to you and you have any questions. Further information about staying in touch, contact numbers, keyworker allocation and welfare calls will be shared with you in the next 48 hours.

Thank you for your support

Very best wishes


Ruth Sturdy


Safe, Secure, Successful, Belonging

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