UPDATE 25/3/20 - Suspension of Offsite provision / Therapy Farms / REACH / NTAS

25 March 2020


UPDATE 25/3/20 - Offsite provision / Therapy Farms / REACH / NTAS


Dear Parent/Carers,


I regret to inform you that from today all offsite provision will be suspended.


The Therapy Farms are now closed and REACH workers cannot visit your home due the risks it presents to you and your family. NTAS will continue to work with families remotely and hope to engage with you through on-line conferencing.


I realise this is yet another blow to the shrinking daily routines of our boys, but we must now concentrate on keeping our loved ones safe and not spreading the virus. I am in touch will REACH and will discuss other means of communication, that you might find helpful. 


I hope you have been able read my message on the website, which was also e-mailed over to parents last night, if there are any concerns or worries PLEASE contact us, we are here to help in any way possible.



Please stay safe and stay at home.


Best wishes to you all,


Simon Dawson

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