Update - Jan 2021 New Term Arrangements

01 January 2021

1st January 2021


Dear Parents / Carers


You will have heard about the statement from the government saying that the return of secondary schools will be delayed until at least the 11th January. You may have noticed that no mention was made of Special Schools and the arrangements for the return of our pupils. You may not be aware that for special schools the arrangements are slightly different.


I am sure that you will be very concerned about your child returning to school given the high rate of Covid.19 in Essex and I understand your concerns, however we need to encourage you to send your child to school. If you feel that this is not a good idea at the moment, then please discuss it with school staff on Monday. They will attempt to contact all parent/carers, but please contact the school if you have not heard from them by 2.00pm.


We will provide a remote learning offer if after discussion, it is agreed to your child working from home. We will be sympathetic to your concerns and I would like to reassure you that there will be no penalty if you decide with us that staying at home is the best option for now.


If you decide that school is the best option for your child, or you are a key worker and need a place for your child in order to do your job, I can reassure you that all of the SEAX schools have followed all advice on keeping our young people and our staff safe. Even with this high level of careful care we have had cases amongst staff and pupils last term and during the Christmas break, as you will know. I would like to reassure you that we will continue to do everything we can to follow cleaning routines, social distancing rule and we will ensure that we encourage everyone to wear masks in communal areas.


We will be in touch later next week to explain how we will work with you to provide testing in school. The late announcement of the plan for schools to test for Covid 19 means that the school will remain closed on Monday 4th to pupils while we ensure that our plans are rigorous and will work for all of our young people and staff. I know this will be inconvenient for you but I hope you will understand that the late arrival of guidance about testing in special schools, which arrived last night, along with the Christmas break means we have not been able to plan properly.


On Monday, we will discuss further details and information about how we plan to work for the next term while everyone pulls together to decrease the rate of the virus in our communities


Thank you for your continued support at this very challenging time for us all. We have all managed to pull together throughout all of this, hopefully with the announcement today about a new vaccine being available we can see a chink of light at the end of the tunnel.  The staff in your schools have been magnificent throughout all of this and will rise to the challenge again.


Best Wishes for a happier and healthier 2021


Ruth Sturdy



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